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Thrill Grill

It’s a real thrill when you find out each of the ten burgers at Thrill Grill is created by Dutch Master Chef, Robert Kranenborg. Besides the fact that every single one of them is named after the best song ever made by the late King of Pop. With the “Thriller Meat Challenge” triggering most, no, all of the senses. Yes, all six of them. Count with us: One, two, three, four, five, six.

Now there’s a reason for it being called the Thriller Meat Challenge. 100% natural beef from Dutch dairy cows, tomato, lettuce, Gouda cheese, red onion, bacon from “Brandt & Levie” plus the Classic Thriller Sauce on a toasted organic bun. But wait - here it comes; you can double the meat, “for the real meat lover”. Go home vegans, put on your Jesus sandals and go eat your gluten-free muesli.

“Thrill Grill” once kicked off with a food-truck - driving through the country to get everyone acquainted with their burgers. Now they own 3 venues, two of which are in Amsterdam. What’s different about this place, is the ambiance. It kinda gives you the feeling you’re eating in a fancy restaurant, a complete wine-menu included. So go on, wear something chique, tuck a napkin in your shirt and sink your teeth in a juicy burger. Bon appetite!