Amsterdam Burger Club

Make burgers not war.

Viciously Deliciously


The key to the making of a good burger, is knowing how to make a good sandwich, and boy do the people at Lombardo’s know how to stack it up. Just looking at their list of sandwiches will make you drool like a senile bulldog that has just run a marathon. But let’s not drift off. Let’s talk about their Spicy Kim Chi Burger, - one of their list-of-six.

Lombardo’s Spicy Kim Chi Burger carries Kim chi by restaurant “Yokiyo", cheddar cheese, lettuce and homemade burger sauce. That’s it. That’s all. It doesn’t need more. Of course you could choose to top it off with one of their scrumptious toppings, but honestly, it needs nothing more. It’s meaty, it’s spicy, it’s juicy and in the words of chef David Chang: ‘it’s delicious!’.

The Good thing about Lombardo’s is their focus. Like they say themselves: it’s all about taste. That’s why they don’t have a big dining room, in fact, they hardly have any room. But that doesn’t interfere with what they’re good at: making proper burgers and sandwiches, that is. What Lombardo’s lacks in space, they make up for in taste.

So here’s what you do: You go out, you get shit-faced, then you get shit-faced some more and then you pass out. You wake up, don’t look in the mirror, don’t shower, get your jacket, your wallet and make your way to Lombardo’s. Order whatever's on their menu and put it in your mouth. Now walk around the corner at get a Burger-shaped tattoo at Tattoo Joris.