Amsterdam Burger Club

Burgers times ten.

Midnight Snack on Snack

Cannibale Royale

If there’s a list on the wall - listen - this is serious. If there’s a list on the wall, telling you who in Amsterdam ate the most meat in one run, you bet your ass you’re up for a night full of meaty heart attacks. Before you read on, make yourself a reservation at Cannibale Royale. To make it easy for you, here’s their number: +31 20 23 37 160. You got it? Good. Ok, now we can continue. And you better be taking notes.

Since any moment is good for a burger, Burger Du Moment is what you should be ordering when you sit down at this place. It changes like the weather, so it’s hard to tell what you’ll be getting but it doesn’t matter. It contains meat. The best kind. Prepared the best possible way. In their basement. Where it’s about 200 degrees. Take a stroll downstairs to experience it for yourself. Beware of the cooks though.

Medieval. That’s the one word that describes this place best. Black and white pictures of headless families. Pendulum clocks. A cooks knife with your steak. High wooden tables. A beer list to make you drunker than a sailor. A plate called L’Absurde (1000gr!!!) ((order 24 hours in advance)). A list of 7 starters. Order all of them. A list of 8 sides. Order all of them. You’ll regret it, but then again, you won’t.

Cannibale is 3 outlets rich. One in the “Pijp”, one near the “Spui” and they just opened their third dungeon closer to Central Station. 3 times a charm and that means you have no excuse anymore for not going. Oh wait, you already made a reservation at the beginning of this passage. Great, you’re all set.