Amsterdam Burger Club

Burgers, burgers, burgers

Konichiwa Bitches

Burger Bar

If we say burger you say bar. Burger. … . Burger. … . Forget longdrinks. Forget shots. Forget middle aged women serving over-aged losers. This bar serves burgers. 3 to be exact. All 3 available in 200 or 270g. But in this bar it’s all about the 270g Wagyu Beef Burger. For €15. Say sayonara to your sixpack and your money.

Arigatō Burger Bar for serving a 270g Wagyu Beef Burger. Ari-burgerflippin-gatō. And you get to stack the burger yourself. All 3 burgers are qualified for 4 different cheeses, 6 toppings and fries, with a choice of 9 sauces. Cheeses: Cheddar Cheese, Old Amsterdam, Blue Cheese and Goats Cheese. Toppings: Grilled Bacon, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Avocado, Fried Eggs and Jalepeños. NB - the burgers are sandwiched with proper buns too.

Walk into the Burger Bar and have yourself a smellgasm in an American-Diner-like-place filled with people with a purpose: to murder some burgers. So bring your guns a.k.a. your hands and get ready to hurl a burger or two.

Burger Bar’s Bars are scattered around the city in the more touristy areas. Having said that, Burger Bar is a place to order your burger, eat your burger and finish your burger, to subsequently go to the nearest (alcohol) bar, get smashed and return to the Burger Bar again to have yourself another burger seizure. Don’t worry though, you’ll die happy in an institution like this.