Amsterdam Burger Club

The greasy ten from Amsterdam

To accompany your beers. Plural.


Sometimes, very rarely, maybe once in a blue moon, it takes one burger and one burger only, to be included in a list of best burger joints. The Biertuin is one of them, without a doubt. This one burger goes well with all of Biertuin’s beers. To try all of them, you need to go there a lot. And every time you will order the Hamburger Deluxe.

The 220g patty with all classic ingredients, pancetta and optional cheese, comes with ‘luie wijven friet’ (lazy bitches fries) and a salad, which you can ignore and hand over to the person (crazy bitch) that goes with you and always eats rabbit food. Apart from that, the charcoaled Deluxe is a killer meat machine for the mouth. Honestly, your mouth won’t believe its eyes.

Did we already talk about the beers at this place. Allow us to unravel. Two Chefs Brewing. Branie. Oedipus. De Hoppinator. Brewdog. Brooklyn Lager. La Chouffe. Brand. Brouwerij ’t IJ. Brugse Zot. Bukowski. Biertuig. And that’s only their drafts. They serve a total of 72 beers. Or 72 times the Hamburger Deluxe with a different beer. You decide.

De Biertuin belongs to three guys known as “The Three Wisemen from the East”. These guys own a dozen establishments in Amsterdam. Every place has its own style. In both food and interior. De Biertuin should go in the interior of your body.