Amsterdam Burger Club

Make burgers not war.

Can you say ‘Brioche’?

Smokin’ barrels

This place is a deal, no it’s a steal, no wait, it’s the sale of the fucking century! In fact, stop what you’re doing, hell you can even stop reading this to go to this surf and turf establishment. Now if you’re still reading, here’s a useful instruction for when you decide to go: Invite a group of friends, go to Smoking Barrels and order lock, stock and barrel. In other words, order everything. And make sure to at least get your sticky fingers around the Royale with Cheese.

Why? Because Pulp Fiction. Because fucking Samuel L. Jackson fucking told you, you fucking fuck. Excuse our French. Ahhh the Royale with Cheese. A 200g patty with crispy pancetta, cheddar, candied onion, BBQ-sauce, lettuce and tomato. A burger that lives up to the metric system. A burger Vincent Vega would travel to Europe for - again. Drown your fries in some mayonnaise and eat Le Royale with Cheese like a king. Make Tarantino proud.

Smoking Barrels’ menu conquers all menus. It’s almost impossible to describe. They actually have a cheeseburger as a ‘snack’. Next to the burger appetiser, their A3 carte includes Ribs, Poussin, Côte de Boeuf, 7 sides, Surf and Turf, a Snack Platter and Dessert Jars. That’s desserts in jars. Don’t assume you’re going to still be hungry after visiting Smoking Barrels. Remember, assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

Too bad you can’t marry a burgerjoint. Because we would if we could. Sounds bizarre, but you’ll know the feels after you’ve visited. Unfortunately, there’s only one of these in town. Located in Amsterdam East’s most flourishing squares, the “Beukenplein”. Let’s hope they’ll expand soon, so you can expand your stomach.