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From Rotterdam with grease.

Ter Marsch & co.

When a burger joint originates from the other capital city of cheese-land and settles down their second spot in our city, it better not be joking about their burgers. With a view overlooking the famous Muntplein, their burgers better taste like Muntplein and a half. To spoil this rhetorical non-question instantaneously; they do. Especially the one by the name of The Royal Dutch.

Are you holding on to something, cause here we go: Dry Aged Rib Eye, Japanese Wagyu, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, fermented mini pickles, pancetta, Old Amsterdam custard, and Remeker crunch capped with ponzu Sambiagravy. Now before we elaborate on the 'dry-aged' part, this food-coma-starter also holds the award for World Food Championships Burger, Kissimmee Florida, US&A.

Okay, back to what we're all most interested in. Dry aged meat. Yes, Ter Marsch & Co has a Dry Aging cabinet at the back of their kitchen. If you just step away from your astonishing burgerview for a second and look into the back, you'll see a small but sufficient mini fridge with meat hanging to age. So rather than talking about the rest of their satisfactory menu to lure you in, just keep in mind Ter Marsch & Co. is a BURGERJOINT that dries its own meat.

As you might have noticed Ter Marsch knows about meat. And they have since 1890 when it opened its first doors as a store from the Factory of Verduurzaamde Vleeschwaren (Sustainable Meats) at the Witte de Withstraat 70 in Rotterdam. Now they own two hangover curers, one of which in ABC's birthplace Amsterdam.