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The Beef Chief

By far and beyond the best burger establishment without an address. The Beef Chief sells the world’s best known sandwich from a restored 1975 Citroen H Van. Like a hippie Van. Well actually, no, not like a hippy Van. More like an anti-hippy Van. Selling meat. You hear that hippies. Meat. From cows. Cause humans have canines for a reason. And that reason is burgers.

So let’s dive into their world’s best burger. Beef Chiefs Kimchi Burger. Made from locally sourced ingredients. And local in the Netherlands means local. Like around the corner local. Cause Holland ain’t that big. Locally sourced beef patty. Locally sourced toasted Brioche. Locally sourced cheese from “Boerderij van Schie”. Spring Onion. Spicy mayo and Sriracha. Home made fermented kimchi. How’s that for your Kimchi burger. Or should we say, Kimchief burger.

But hold on now, we know you’re mouthwatering like Niagara Falls, but there’s more to the Beef Chief than just the Kimchief. Find their Van and satisfy yourself with a classic, classic cheese, Patriot or chili cheese burger. They even serve up a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich once in a while. “Howgh”

As you’ve learned by now the Beef Chief operates from a Van. However, to quote the almighty Swedish Designer Magnus Lowing: Rumor has it they’re opening up their first non-mobile burger bar soon. Oh and they have a temporary spot at Oedipus Brewery as we speak.