Amsterdam Burger Club

The greasy ten from Amsterdam

Two Patties is a party


For a place that’s known for its chicken, “Rotisserie” serves up a mighty good man-sandwich, with an easy choice of only four heroes but more than enough toppings to make each one of them completely invincible. Especially since one of the toppings is an extra patty! Just to be clear: one of the toppings is an extra patty! EXTRA!!! PATTY!!! Enough emphasis? No? Here's a couple extra exclamation marks: !!!!!!!!!!

Although the menu legitimately incorporates the famous ‘Royale with Cheese’, it’s the “Big Double Dirty” that prickles the tastebuds: two solid Mrij beef patties, tomato, lettuce, homemade pickles and secret sauce. It’s what you would expect to be on a classic burger, but often enough done wrong. Not at Rotisserie though, the chicken Mecca that grills their burgers on a wood fired grill appreciates its basics for its burgers.

Next to Rotisserie West in Amsterdam West there’s a Rotisserie East, logically located in Amsterdam East. Both real go-to places, not only for their delicious hamburgers, but also for great local beers, a pristine cocktail-list and a zealous open kitchen. A feast for the eyes, a party for the mouth and a rave for your recommended daily allowance.